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Woodturning Gouges
Roughing gouge (19mm or 25mm). This is used for roughing down the square wood section to a true cylinder and also for forming shallow curves. If this is properly sharpened it leaves an excellent finish dispenses with the need for a turning chisel.

Spindle gouge (9mm). Spindle gouges (known also as "shallow fluted gouges"). These are used for narrow concave curves where the roughing gouge cannot get to. They can also cut convex curves, beads and other details although these are best done with either a skew chisel or a beading tool (a beading tool is a type of chisel anyway). Some turners do just about every detail between centres with the spindle gouge and hardly ever use a skew chisel. A spindle gouge is shallower than a bowl gouge and has the corners "rounded" back into a "fingernail" shape. Some experianced turners find spindle gouges useful for hollowing out goblets and even bowl turning.
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